The Importance of Giveaway Products 

coffee-tea-mugs_f1EqYOB_The power of promotional products often shocks business owners. Research has revealed that 52% of people surveyed stated their view of the company is more positive after receiving a promotional product, and 50 % said they use the products daily. Many may wonder what is the importance and benefit of giveaway products.

  • Developing a Relationship with Consumers – Most consumers who receive giveaways generally view the business as trustworthy. The fact that the company is so confident in their products they give them away for free encourages consumers to feel comfortable with developing a relationship.
  • Peaks Interest – Free giveaways usually peaks the interest of consumers. They generally use the product at least once just to test it. If the consumer likes the product they are known to use the entire giveaway and purchase more products to replace the sample once it is gone. Providing a re-occurring customer with new products can easily develop a strong interest and loyalty to your products or services.
  • Marketing Potential – Consumers who receive giveaways often share products with friends and family members. This means just one giveaway can reach an entire family and network of friends. Not only does the giveaway act as a marketing tool, but it reaches those who enjoy seeing and using a product before purchasing more.
  • Increased Brand Recognition – Giveaways are usually created in smaller amounts than the original version. For example, if you own a perfume store, you can provide giveaways to your customers using smaller perfume bottles. At the same time, you have the opportunity to print your logo on the bottle for brand recognition.

Today’s economy has changed the way consumers shop for products and services. Every purchase is looked at as an investment. Consumers want to know they are getting good quality products and items for their money.

Let’s look at this further with this scenario. Let’s say there are two perfume stores in the same mall. One provides customers with giveaways and the other doesn’t. Which store do you think will have the most business? The store with the giveaways! The reason is the consumer tested the product and returned to make the purchase of the regular item and possibly add on items.

As a business owner, you can find affordable ways to offer giveaways to your consumers. If your budget doesn’t allow for a large quantity of giveaways, you can hold a raffle to encourage customers to win the products. This marketing tactic draws in customers and provides a lucky winner with your products. In addition, you are building relationships with your consumers to keep them coming back for more.