Top 10 Cost-Effective Promotional Product Giveaways

There are many options for branding a business – from pens to mugs to apparel – it all depends on the budget and how you plan to differentiate your business from your competitors. Below is a list of the top 10 most cost-effective promotional products that will do the trick without breaking the bank.

Pens and Stylus Pens

Itwist Promotional Stylus pens

When it comes to cost-effective promotional giveaways, two products that make the top 10 lists is the traditional pen and stylus pen. The long-standing favorite product for business is the pen. Due to its low cost, its ease of distribution and its simple design, pens are a popular product of choice. One style in particular is the push button retractable pen for its affordability, while featuring a variety of tropical colored barrels with black rubber comfort grip, black clip and chrome tone tip, trim and push button. While pens are a long-standing favorite, today’s business consumers are moving to more hi-tech options. One product similar in cost and use is the iTwist stylus pen. The stylus pen is one of the most popular pens in the advertising industry, featuring an impressive metallic colored hourglass shaped barrel and capacitive stylus on top that works with Apple (iPad and iPhone), Android or any touch screen devices. These pens are also available in several eye-catching colors. The cost-effectiveness of these products makes them a great promotional giveaway!

Coffee Mug and Travel Tumbler

Coffee Mug promotional item

What other useful products make it to the list for promoting your business? Well, when you think of business, the thing that comes to mind is that first morning cup of coffee. Why not promote your business or company logo with a coffee mug or travel tumbler. The Economy Stoneware coffee mug is a perfect eco-friendly alternative to foam & plastic disposable cups. These ceramic coffee mugs are reusable, dishwasher safe and available in a variety of colors. Another option is the travel tumbler. Travel tumblers use a durable, double-wall stainless steel vacuum-sealed construction to store hot and cold beverages. Both options can easily be screen printed to brand your business with consumers and employees.

Sport Bottle and Beverage Insulator (Koozie)

Jogger Bottle Push Pull Lid

Do you exercise or follow a favorite sports team? If the answer is yes, then two options available for branding your company is the sports bottle and beverage insulator, also known as a koozie or can holder. Sports bottle is a great way to brand your business with active consumers. This promotional product is useful for fitness clubs, camps, corporate gatherings, outdoor events, biking and running groups. While the can holder is perfect for that ice-cold can of beer at a baseball game or outdoor event. For groups and corporate events, the Pocket Can Coolie is a collapsible can holder, made with 5mm thick foam laminated with cloth on the inside and out. Your logo can be printed on both sides plus the bottom and each side can have it’s own unique imprint.

Tote Bag and Shopping Bag (Groceries)

Grocery tote bag promotional item

With so many companies going green, a good option for earth-friendly consumers is the reusable and washable tote bag and the recyclable shopping bag. Tote bags can feature a large fashionable and economical non-woven style with color accented handles and bottom. This promotional product is perfect for all corporate events, trade shows, groceries, a day at the beach, travel and more. Similar to the tote bag, is the shopping bag (aka grocery bag) with reinforced bottom. The shopping bag is a great way to make any business “green.” The grocery bag will give all of your customers an easy way to help save the planet.

Smart Wallet and Promotional T-Shirts

cell phone wallet promotional item

Last but not least are two options that are customer favorites and very common for a promotional product, the smart wallet and t-shirts. Today’s consumers hold on to their cellular phones tighter than their wallets. For this reason, the Soft Silicone Cell Phone Wallet is a perfect promotional giveaway for today’s consumers. It has a real 3M adhesive backing, which securely holds 2-3 credit cards, a driver’s license, money, business cards, hotel room keycard, and more. It provides functionality and use while branding your business with a printed logo.

Lastly is the traditional promotional t-shirt. A prime example is the Gildan Heavy Cotton Classic Fit Adult T-Shirt. This t-shirt is made of 100% preshrunk cotton fabric, a classic tee that is perfect for trade-shows and corporate events.

3 Must Have Products for Summer Camp

Summer time is here. The kids are out of school. Summer vacations are being scheduled and pools are being filled. For those parents who don’t have summers off with their kids, they are looking for options to keep the kids busy. For many of these parents, summer camps are the answer. Now you just have to pick from the sea of options available to you. My suggestion – go with the one that gives you free stuff. Promotional products and gear will extend the experience for years to come.

There are many promotional products to choose from that can cater to your summer camp needs from embroidered polo shirts to sports equipment to travel accessories and more. For the purpose of time, we will focus on three popular items that is sure to be a hit with your summer crowd. Here are the 3 Must Have Products for Summer Camps:

Fidget Spinner

Fancy Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are the new craze for children and even some adults. According to Wikipedia, the toy was originally made in 1990s, but did not gain popularity until 2017 when it began being marketed as a “stress reliever.” The basic design of a fidget spinner consists of a bearing wheel in the center of the toy and three blades that spin around the bearing wheel. There are a variety of designs to the fidget spinner and its designs are only limited by the imagination, but the center pad can be printed with a company logo or brand to make it a perfect little promotional product. The fidget spinner is perfect for keeping children entertained during down time or for those kids who have trouble focusing. Your summer camp should order these in a bountiful.


  1. Toy is a great stress reliever for those children that are home sick.
  2. Toy can help children who have trouble focusing or continually fidget.
  3. Toy can be imprinted with summer camp logo for increased branding.
  4. Toy is relatively inexpensive providing big bangs for your buck.


  1. Toy consists of bearings that can be dislodged and become hazardous.
  2. Toy can be more of a distraction than an aid.


210D polyester drawstring backpack

Backpacks are the perfect products for summer camps. With the amount of activities children will be doing, they will need something to carry and store their personal items. A backpack (specifically a drawstring backpack) is ideal as it noninvasive and durable enough to take anywhere. Sticking with the theme of promoting your brand, you can also print or embroider these backpacks with your camp logo.


  1. Backpacks are cool especially when they are imprinted with your camp logo.
  2. Kids and adults love backpacks because they can throw and go.
  3. Backpacks keep your hands free for activities while providing storage.


  1. Drawstring backpacks are usually not that durable.
  2. Children have a tendency of losing their backpacks.

Water bottle

20 Oz. Surf Bottle w/ Low Profile Push Pull Lid

Hot summers require staying hydrated. Cool water tumblers are the perfect product for summer camps. These bottles can be reused and recycled over and over again. Kids can add their favorite juices, sodas and of course water to take with them hiking, fishing or any activity. Tumblers are perfect for summer camps as they can easily be personalized with the camp logo and even provide a white space for the child’s name so they will never lose their bottle.


  1. Bottle is reusable and recyclable.
  2. Bottle can be stored in hot and cold areas.
  3. Bottle can be filled with any type of liquid.


  1. Product can be costly depending on the quantity and style of bottle.
  2. Usually does not carry warm or hot liquids well, unless insulated.


T-Shirts Plus Color can help you and give you recommendation on the best products for your summer camp.

These Promo Products Are The Most Effective Ways To Make Your Summer Events Better

These Promo Products Are The Most Effective Ways To Make Your Summer Events Better!

Promotional Products

It’s almost that time of year when the weather is perfect, pools are being filled, beaches are getting ready for the crowds and companies are planning for trade shows and corporate events.

How do you make your event successful and memorable to your audience? How do you make an impact with event goers? How do you attract sponsors?

Well, there are some simple tried and true ways to brand your events and get the biggest bang for your buck. You have options such as printed t-shirts, branded drink cups, banners and fliers, just to name a few. There are benefits in each depending on the type of event, how frequent the event is and how much you want to spend to promote your company or event.

T-shirts and apparel are possibly the most visible ways to get the word out about your event and it is one of the cheapest/economical ways. If you are hosting a party and you have a good size promotion group, then getting screen-printed t-shirts with your flyer and name of your event will help to imprint in the minds of your audience. People will see your team traveling around wearing these shirts and want to ask about the event. This is the opportunity to talk to people on the street and get them involved. Gaining this awareness is part of the success of branding an event. The more they see the team, the more likely they are to attend your event out of desire to be part of the crowd. T-shirts and apparel as giveaways are also effective, as everyone likes free stuff.

For corporate events, trade shows and professional engagements, embroidered/printing apparel are always a good way to go. If your employees are donning the company logo on an embroidered polo, it shows a level of professionalism for your target audience. For consumers, it’s all in the presentation. This works especially well when they have a good interaction with representatives of your company. There’s an old saying, “people may not always remember what you did for them, but they will remember how you made them feel.” So if a company brands itself will professional attire and its representatives are professional, people will forever remember that brand and want to either start doing business with them or continue a business relationship with them. Think about this when you plan your next trade show or corporate event.

There are many promotional products out there, but the best product is what the average consumer can use daily; such as drink cups, coffee mugs, tumblers or even umbrellas. With these products, you can capture your audience’s attention over and over as they use the product as well as secure sponsors for your events to brand themselves and pay for the cost of these “free” items. Consider these parting gifts for a great return on your investment. It is very economical and very effective. T-Shirts Plus Color can help you and give you recommendation on the best products for your event.

The Importance of Giveaway Products 

coffee-tea-mugs_f1EqYOB_The power of promotional products often shocks business owners. Research has revealed that 52% of people surveyed stated their view of the company is more positive after receiving a promotional product, and 50 % said they use the products daily. Many may wonder what is the importance and benefit of giveaway products.

  • Developing a Relationship with Consumers – Most consumers who receive giveaways generally view the business as trustworthy. The fact that the company is so confident in their products they give them away for free encourages consumers to feel comfortable with developing a relationship.
  • Peaks Interest – Free giveaways usually peaks the interest of consumers. They generally use the product at least once just to test it. If the consumer likes the product they are known to use the entire giveaway and purchase more products to replace the sample once it is gone. Providing a re-occurring customer with new products can easily develop a strong interest and loyalty to your products or services.
  • Marketing Potential – Consumers who receive giveaways often share products with friends and family members. This means just one giveaway can reach an entire family and network of friends. Not only does the giveaway act as a marketing tool, but it reaches those who enjoy seeing and using a product before purchasing more.
  • Increased Brand Recognition – Giveaways are usually created in smaller amounts than the original version. For example, if you own a perfume store, you can provide giveaways to your customers using smaller perfume bottles. At the same time, you have the opportunity to print your logo on the bottle for brand recognition.

Today’s economy has changed the way consumers shop for products and services. Every purchase is looked at as an investment. Consumers want to know they are getting good quality products and items for their money.

Let’s look at this further with this scenario. Let’s say there are two perfume stores in the same mall. One provides customers with giveaways and the other doesn’t. Which store do you think will have the most business? The store with the giveaways! The reason is the consumer tested the product and returned to make the purchase of the regular item and possibly add on items.

As a business owner, you can find affordable ways to offer giveaways to your consumers. If your budget doesn’t allow for a large quantity of giveaways, you can hold a raffle to encourage customers to win the products. This marketing tactic draws in customers and provides a lucky winner with your products. In addition, you are building relationships with your consumers to keep them coming back for more.