3 Must Have Products for Summer Camp

Summer time is here. The kids are out of school. Summer vacations are being scheduled and pools are being filled. For those parents who don’t have summers off with their kids, they are looking for options to keep the kids busy. For many of these parents, summer camps are the answer. Now you just have to pick from the sea of options available to you. My suggestion – go with the one that gives you free stuff. Promotional products and gear will extend the experience for years to come.

There are many promotional products to choose from that can cater to your summer camp needs from embroidered polo shirts to sports equipment to travel accessories and more. For the purpose of time, we will focus on three popular items that is sure to be a hit with your summer crowd. Here are the 3 Must Have Products for Summer Camps:

Fidget Spinner

Fancy Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are the new craze for children and even some adults. According to Wikipedia, the toy was originally made in 1990s, but did not gain popularity until 2017 when it began being marketed as a “stress reliever.” The basic design of a fidget spinner consists of a bearing wheel in the center of the toy and three blades that spin around the bearing wheel. There are a variety of designs to the fidget spinner and its designs are only limited by the imagination, but the center pad can be printed with a company logo or brand to make it a perfect little promotional product. The fidget spinner is perfect for keeping children entertained during down time or for those kids who have trouble focusing. Your summer camp should order these in a bountiful.


  1. Toy is a great stress reliever for those children that are home sick.
  2. Toy can help children who have trouble focusing or continually fidget.
  3. Toy can be imprinted with summer camp logo for increased branding.
  4. Toy is relatively inexpensive providing big bangs for your buck.


  1. Toy consists of bearings that can be dislodged and become hazardous.
  2. Toy can be more of a distraction than an aid.


210D polyester drawstring backpack

Backpacks are the perfect products for summer camps. With the amount of activities children will be doing, they will need something to carry and store their personal items. A backpack (specifically a drawstring backpack) is ideal as it noninvasive and durable enough to take anywhere. Sticking with the theme of promoting your brand, you can also print or embroider these backpacks with your camp logo.


  1. Backpacks are cool especially when they are imprinted with your camp logo.
  2. Kids and adults love backpacks because they can throw and go.
  3. Backpacks keep your hands free for activities while providing storage.


  1. Drawstring backpacks are usually not that durable.
  2. Children have a tendency of losing their backpacks.

Water bottle

20 Oz. Surf Bottle w/ Low Profile Push Pull Lid

Hot summers require staying hydrated. Cool water tumblers are the perfect product for summer camps. These bottles can be reused and recycled over and over again. Kids can add their favorite juices, sodas and of course water to take with them hiking, fishing or any activity. Tumblers are perfect for summer camps as they can easily be personalized with the camp logo and even provide a white space for the child’s name so they will never lose their bottle.


  1. Bottle is reusable and recyclable.
  2. Bottle can be stored in hot and cold areas.
  3. Bottle can be filled with any type of liquid.


  1. Product can be costly depending on the quantity and style of bottle.
  2. Usually does not carry warm or hot liquids well, unless insulated.


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